Nestled in the heart of Medina, just south of the square is our little restaurant called Thyme². For those of you who love food that has been prepared with both great skill and the thyme necessary to ensure a fine dining experience, Thyme² is your place.

The menu for Thyme² is divided into two separate menus: the fine dining menu and the pub menu. The fine dining menu is available after 5pm throughout the restaurant and the pub menu is served all day. The fine dining room upstairs is the formal dining room for the adventurous palates. Patrons are greeted by an atmosphere shaped by table candles, skilled servers, and a chef driven menu. Fine wines, succulent entrees, and desserts to fit any sweet tooth await you. Reservations are strongly encouraged in the fine dining room and the pub menu is not available.

If you desire a more familiar fare, just take a few steps downstairs to pub. There, you’ll discover a variety of sandwiches, burgers, and even delectable Napoli style pizza baked in a stone oven as part of the open kitchen. Try our signature appetizers like the garage fries or kraut balls with scrumptious sauces. The pub is first come first served; no reservations required. The pub also serves the fine dining menu after 5pm along with the pub menu.

The food will have you asking for more. The ambience will beckon you to return with more thyme. And, if you give it a little THYME, it will become that place you go to where everybody knows your name!