Specialty Drinks & Martinis

thyme² pear cosmopolitan
absolut pear ◦ triple sec ◦ rose’s lime
white cranberry juice

grapefruit thyme² martini
ketel one grapefruit and rose vodka ◦ thyme syrup
pama liqueur ◦ grapefruit juice

peach blossom
ketel one peach and orange blossom vodka
muddled orange ◦ lemon juice ◦ simple syrup

smoke & fire
mezcal ◦ blood orange puree ◦ orange bitters
lime juice ◦ simple syrup ◦ grenadine ◦ tajin rim

summer thyme² tea
bulleit bourbon ◦ simple syrup ◦ lemon juice
raspberry preserves ◦ house brewed ice tea

london fizz
tanqueray gin ◦ muddled raspberries
simple syrup ◦ lemon juice ◦ club soda

strawberry lemonade
muddled strawberry ◦ heart of glass strawberry 
vodka ◦ simple syrup ◦ lemon juice

summer breeze
peach & citrus vodka ◦ moscato ◦ lemon juice
club soda ◦ butterfly tea

blood orange margarita
milagro silver tequila ◦ triple sec
blood orange puree ◦ lime juice

campfire manhattan
bulleit bourbon ◦ house smoked vermouth candied bacon ◦ angostura bitters

manager's breakfast
buffalo trace bourbon ◦ amaro montenegro
raspberry preserves ◦ fresh lemon ◦ bitters

stone mule
ketel one peach and orange blosson vodka
ginger simple syrup ◦ lime juice ◦club soda